Whoopi Goldberg has some thoughts about Bill Maher’s most recent monologue.

On last Friday’s episode of “Real Time with Bill Maher”, the comedian said he was exhausted with COVID safety measures and those who adhere to them.

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“I don’t want to live in your paranoid world anymore, your masked paranoid world,” Maher said. “You know, you go out, it’s silly now! You know, you have your mask, you have to have a card, you have to have a booster, they scan your head like you’re a cashier and I’m a bunch of bananas. I’m not bananas, you are.”

Monday on “The View”, the co-hosts discussed Maher’s comments, with Goldberg in particular taking issue.

“That’s not really funny to people who have lost their kids to this vaccine, or people who lost family members or dear friends to this,” Goldberg said of the monologue. “You know, listen, nobody on the planet really wants to go through this. This is not something we’re doing because it’s, you know, sexually gratifying. This is what we’re doing to protect our families.”

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Getting more visibly annoyed with Maher’s statements, the host said that if he doesn’t want to deal with COVID safety measures, he can do what he likes, but she added he should “stay away from everybody” and “stay out of the public.”

“Nobody wants this. I don’t want it. And I think he’s forgetting the people are still at risk, who cannot get vaccinated. People who can’t get the [vaccine], little kids under the age of five, or people with health conditions. How dare you be so flippant, man?”

Earlier this month, Goldberg had to take some time off from “The View” after testing positive for COVID-19.