Ciara’s kids had a great time meeting the president.

On Monday, the singer appeared on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, and was asked about taking her kids to the White House to meet with Dr. Jill Biden and U.S. President Joe Biden.

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“Oh my goodness, we had the best time,” Ciara said. “Dr. Biden is amazing. It was incredible being there walking to greet her for the first time on the East Lawn, and then seeing the president walk off to Marine One.”

She continued, “Before he walked off he came over to say hi to us, and as you see there [my son] Future goes, the first thing he says to the president, he goes, ‘I’m vaccinated!’ and the president yells back, ‘I’m vaccinated, too!'”

Ciara added that her one-year-old son Win treated the White House like a playground.

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Also on the show, DeGeneres had Ciara play a game of Drawer Dash, in which the host gave her 10 seconds to grab an item from her house fitting a description.

First up was “something you don’t know how to use,” for which Ciara brought out electric hair clippers.

Another item included a beautiful pair of Fendi boots gifted to her by Missy Elliott.