Lori Harvey discusses growing up in a famous family, her relationship with Michael B. Jordan, and more in a new interview with PopSugar.

Harvey, who has launched her own skin care line Skn by LH, celebrated her one-year anniversary with Jordan in November.

She says she has some tips from her parents on how to deal with the world being interested in your relationship, telling the publication: “Always communicate. Overcommunicate, even, so you are always on the same page.

“Also, be friends first. You know how sometimes you fight with your siblings and, of course, you love them, but you’re like, ‘I don’t even like you right now.’? It’s important to always be friends whether you like the person.”

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Harvey insists she wants people to know the real her now she’s 25: “Now that I’m getting older and coming into my own and starting my businesses, I want to take control of my narrative. I want to let people get to know me — who I really am, not necessarily who people think I am.

“Before, I have been more so quiet and let the media run with whatever story they’ve felt like running with and didn’t give it any attention; no confirmation, no denial, no anything.”

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Harvey says of always feeling the need to follow in her dad Steve Harvey’s footsteps: “There’s the feeling like, ‘I have to be successful because my dad is this successful giant,’ and, of course, wanting to impress your parents and make them proud.

Read the full story, “The Real Lori Harvey”, by Kelsey Castanon on PopSugar.com.

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