There’s no mystery too tough to solve for Sherlock Holmes, and in the upcoming issue of TV Guide, Elementary“s Jonny Lee Miller (Sherlock) and Lucy Liu (Joan Watson) crack open the series’ biggest mystery: will Sherlock and Watson ever become romantically involved?

“The writers are pretty adamant that shouldn’t happen”; says Jonny, “and I have to agree…you’ve got to leave room for that tension and possibility, which are so strong in people’s minds. If you take that away, what are you left with?”;

Lucy likewise thinks it’s a bad idea for the two characters to hit the sack, likening a Sherlock-Watson coupling to visiting a nude beach where nothing is left to the imagination. “But when you go to an actual beach and people have bikinis on, there’s something more sexual,”; she says. “So this is a much more interesting dynamic.”;

Meanwhile, Lucy reveals that just because Watson won’t be hooking up with Sherlock doesn’t mean she won’t be getting any action. “I do have some [love interests] this season,”; she says. “That’s to dilute the question mark of what’s going to happen between [Sherlock and Watson], and it will also show a bit of her awkwardness or lack of confidence in that department.”;

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