Can’t get the little ones to sleep? Look no further than Jay Pharoah.

The comedian put a hilarious spin on “Mary Had A Little Lamb” during “That’s My Jam” where he impersonated Jay-Z singing the lullaby.

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“Mary had a little lamb/ Its fleece was white as snow, ch-yeah/ And everywhere that child went/ That lamb was sure to go/ He followed her to school one day/ Broke the teacher’s rule/ What a time did they have/ That day at school/ Tisket, a-tasket, a green and yellow basket/ Sent a letter to my baby on the way I passed it,” he rapped.

Pharoah was teamed up with Nikki Glaser against Dan Finnerty and Terry Crews during the game of “Wheel of Musical Impressions”.

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“How does he do that?” Jimmy Fallon asked Crews. “I don’t know,” Crews replied.

The Jam Band’s Jade Novah even put on a better impression of Beyoncé.

Watch the full clip in the video up top.