Once actors hit a certain level of stardom, they no longer have to audition for roles as producers and directors seek to entice them to join their projects.

That’s certainly been the case with Bradley Cooper, who’s made the leap to writing, producing and directing his own projects, such as 2018’s “A Star is Born”.

During a chat with Mahershala Ali for Variety‘s “Actors on Actors” series, Cooper opened up about the last time he auditioned for a role.

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“Last time I auditioned was ‘Paradise Lost’. I put myself on tape with my buddy Wes to play Satan, and we were going to do it. This was 2012, I think. And I got the role. I was so happy. It wound up not coming together. Just recently, I thought maybe after ‘Maestro’ I’d want to try to write and direct a version of ‘Paradise Lost’. Adapted from Milton’s poem,” said Cooper of the film, which was abandoned by the studio, Legendary Pictures, due to a skyrocketing budget (reportedly more than $120 million) and issues related to special effects.

Despite his status on the Hollywood food chain, Cooper insisted he’s still willing to audition for a project he really believes in.

“But I would audition tomorrow for something,” he said.

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“Whatever the director needs to make the decision. I’m in a position, or I put myself into a position starting after ‘American Sniper’, where [I was] trying to create my own content. With ‘American Sniper’, I got the book and I put the work in, asked Clint Eastwood to direct it; we spent the time and got the script right and took it from the beginning of an idea all the way to the end. ‘A Star Is Born’ even more so — actually writing it from just an idea or a feeling of wanting to do something with music, and maybe I’ve always wanted to be a musician. And I wanted to tell a love story, and I wanted there to be singing. A lot of that was because the directors I admired weren’t hiring me and because they have already made a decision in their mind whether you’re right or not for something.”