Ellen DeGeneres is celebrating her 64th birthday in style.

The talk show host is joined by Courteney Cox, Chris Martin and Coldplay to mark the special occasion on her show Wednesday.

An emotional Cox chats with DeGeneres about her daughter, Coco, going off to college soon, as well as revealing the unique going away gift that DeGeneres gave the actress as a thank you for letting her stay at her home.

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The “Friends” star also describes how she learned to play “Tiny Dancer” on the piano in 30 minutes before performing it next to Elton John.

Cox gushes after DeGeneres shares a clip, “That was the biggest thrill of my life. I really think so,” explaining how it was her friend Ed Sheeran that invited John over to her house.

Then, DeGeneres is joined by Martin, with the duo discussing the thoughtful gift he gave her for her birthday — a beautiful guitar.

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The singer chats about Coldplay’s collaboration with BTS for their song “My Universe” and how he really didn’t think it would work when the idea of a collaboration was first mentioned to him.

Martin jokes, “It’s still quite a bizarre… we look like their gym teachers, but we love them,” as DeGeneres shows a pic of them all together.

Martin also reveals that one of Coldplay’s final three albums will be a musical, before he sits in the hot seat to answer some of DeGeneres’ “Burning Questions”.

Plus, Coldplay take the stage to belt out a special version of “My Universe”.