Dax Shepard isn’t afraid to get stuck into medical treatments.

Shepard’s wife Kristen Bell told Jimmy Kimmel on his show Tuesday that she once caught the actor trying to remove a damaged toenail with “a real industrial Dremel that you use for outside yard work.” She recalled Shepard showing Kimmel his “beautiful” feet before getting in a motorcycle accident and ruining his nail.

“He likes to do it himself, he’s a (real) DIYer when it comes to medical stuff,” Bell said of her other half, whom she married in 2013.

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She explained how she eventually convinced Shepard to use a smaller tool that she uses to remove acrylics from her nails.

Bell kicked off the interview by sharing how she recently underwent her first colonoscopy at age 41.

She was joined by her eight-year-old daughter Lincoln, who asked the doctor an interesting question.

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Bell laughed, “She looks up at my doctor with this sly look, because you can only see your eyes through a mask… she said, ‘Are you the doctor that’s going up my mom’s butt?’

“He said, ‘Yes, I am… anything I should look for while I’m up there?’

“And she goes, ‘The rubber nut…’ because we say, ‘Up your butt with a rubber nut’ a lot in our household if you’re missing something.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Bell also spoke about her new Netflix miniseries “The Woman in the House Across the Street from the Girl in the Window”. See more in the clip above.