Jamie Dornan spoke about auditioning for “Thor” with Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday’s “Tonight Show”.

The “Fifty Shades” actor was asked if he’d worked with “Belfast” director Kenneth Branagh before, to which he told the host that he did go up for the 2011 flick.

Dornan laughed, “I did audition for ‘Thor’ when he directed ‘Thor’ way-back-when. I don’t even think he saw my tape, it was that bad,” adding that he auditioned to play one of Thor’s “smaller buddies.”

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Fallon also showed viewers Dornan’s incredible, viral Kermit the Frog impersonation, with the star belting out “Rainbow Connection”.

However, it wasn’t for his kids, it was for his groomer while he was getting ready for a different talk show.

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“I was just mucking around with a guitar. I’ve always loved that song, so I was singing that song anyway and then realized I could sing it like Kermit,” Dornan shared.

The actor also spoke about working with Judi Dench on “Belfast” during his interview. See more in the clip below.