Let us eat cake because Dolly Parton just celebrated her 76th birthday and wrote a book.

The singer, whose music recently reached three billion worldwide streams, told “CBS Mornings” that it’s “an honour” to know that so many people admire and respect her to such a great degree but it also “scares [her] to death sometimes.”

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“I am always saying, ‘I am not all that’ and even ‘not all there’ sometimes. It makes me feel good. I have been around long enough for people to feel they know me and accepted me,” Parton told Gayle King. “Now that I’m older they think of me as a favourite sister or aunt. It’s sweet for people to say all those nice things about me. I will try to live up to it.”

Parton, who is also “cooking up” a new partnership with Duncan Hines, said that she celebrated her birthday with “a banana-flavoured cream cake” from her own line of cake mixes.

“I love a banana pudding…. I chose the banana one. I was 76 years old! I have been cooking a long time,” she said.

The “9 to 5” singer joked that she couldn’t even run away from her age if she wanted to.

“Well, I try not to think about the number and I couldn’t lie about it anyway because I have been in show business my whole life everybody knows how old I am,” she said. “I don’t feel old and in my mind I remember my life was in a great spot when I was 35 and I remember thinking this is a great time in my life so I chose to kind of think I am 35 all the time in my mind no matter what the numbers say. Numbers lie.”

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The 50-time Grammy Award-nominated artist admitted that, with age, she learned that it’s more important to please herself than others.

“If I’m pleasing me, I think that would be pleasing to other people as well. I think people sense it if you’re comfortable in your own skin,” she said. “I always make a joke and say, ‘I am comfortable in my own skin no matter how far I’ve stretched it!’

“I never think like I’m a star, I just think I’m a working girl. I always say that I’m a workhorse dressed up as a show horse, and that’s the truth.”

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The country music star proved she’s a “working girl” in her latest endeavour with author James Patterson. The two have written a book together called Run Rose Run, which hits bookshelves on March 1.

“I have read everything James has ever written. When he asked if I would write a book with him I said, ‘Well yeah!’ We chose the Nashville kind of scene about a girl running away from her past but towards her future. Lots of twists and turns,” Parton revealed.

“We’re gonna eventually make a movie out of it too and I may even get to play one of the parts. But I thought, How can I contribute working with James Patterson? Why does he need me? When we started writing I thought the best way I could contribute to it was to write songs about these characters and their situations so I would send all the songs and he would expand on the characters and we’d get together, he’d give me ideas for songs. We had a great working relationship and I was real happy with how it turned out.”