Meghan McCain is recovering after a tough bout of COVID.

In a piece for The Daily Mail, the former co-host of “The View” revealed that she and her husband Ben Domenech both caught the coronavirus several weeks ago.

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“My husband felt lightheaded and developed a bad cough,” she wrote, adding, “We agreed to have him go downstairs to our guest room and isolate from me and our daughter until he could get a test.”

Eventually, he did manage to get a test and it came back positive, just in time for McCain herself to begin developing symptoms.

“Then I started to feel bad, but didn’t have the bandwidth or energy to go wait in line,” she recalled, writing that she managed to get a hold of an at-home test, and found she was positive for COVID-19 as well.

“And with the bright pink, pregnancy-like test line staring back at me from my white countertop, I — to my surprise – became overcome with feelings of fear and shame,” McCain said. “My husband and I are both fully vaccinated. And Dr. Fauci told the country months ago that it wasn’t a matter of if, but when everyone would eventually catch the Omicron variant, so I don’t know why I was so surprised that we had finally tested positive.”

She added, “I think there is a feeling of invincibility after somehow dodging the virus for so long.”

McCain said that she was worried about her baby daughter getting COVID, too.

“Mercifully, she never did and never got sick,” she said. “But my husband and I got very sick — more sick than the ‘mild Omicron’ headlines and Twitter streams suggested.”

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She continued, “I am still now, a few weeks out from testing positive, waking up feeling the aftereffects of a cold in my throat, getting fatigued easily, and unable to taste food or smell anything normally.”

The TV personality went on to write, “I do not want to sound like a baby, or ungrateful because I am well aware of how much worse things could have been, but Covid was much rougher than I anticipated given that we are fully-vaccinated. What I experienced wasn’t mild, it wasn’t easy, and I am still fearful of the unknown long-term side effects that I may experience.”

Finally, McCain said, “I am a pretty optimistic person by nature and this has been hard for me to shake both physically and emotionally.”