Michael Strahan is promoting a book that he thinks is worth reading.

On Wednesday, the “Good Morning America” anchor took to Instagram to share a brief video in which he discusses the new book Unbreakable: How I Turned My Depression and Anxiety Into Motivation and You Can Too, by sports commentator Jay Glazer.

“This book is powerful, and Jay completely opens up,” writes the former NFL star in the caption.

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“As his best friend for 30 years, there is A LOT I didn’t even know about Jay’s fight with the gray. Including today on @goodmorningamerica when Jay shared that since 2005 he has had panic attacks before every @nflonfox show. He is always making jokes before the shows, and we just think, oh, that is Jay. But really, it was Jay fighting off a panic attack alone. Jay, you are our brother, and we have your back. There is no more doing this alone,” he added.

Strahan concluded by writing, “Jay, there are a lot of lives you will save by sharing this. I hope you are proud because I am Damn proud of you.”