Kaley Cuoco and Jayde Moon are pulling out all the stops as they prank each other.

Cuoco is currently filming the “Flight Attendant” and had a very buggy surprise from Moon, the show’s stylist.

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“Alright, I’m in Kaley’s trailer,” Moon said in a clip on her Instagram Story. “Lots of disgusting cockroaches in here.”

Instagram Story. Photo: @kaleycuoco/Instagram
Instagram Story. Photo: @kaleycuoco/Instagram

Moon also documented Cuoco’s response as she yelled from her trailer and then ran away from the bathroom.

Of course, the cockroaches were all fake.

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“This is what I walked into,” Cuoco showed on her Instagram Stories. “It never ends. I live in constant fear around here lol.”

Cuoco has tried to prank Moon but so far has yet to be successful.

“I still have yet to scare anyone,” Cuoco added.