“Spider-Man: Far From Home” not only extended the adventures of Tom Holland’s web-slinger into the multiverse, the movie also reunited moviegoers with his predecessors, previous Spider-Man actors Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield.

For the first time ever, the three actors appeared together in a three-way Zoom interview moderated by Deadline‘s Pete Hammond, with the trio discussing how emotional the experience was for them all.

“I mean, I always knew that this film would be loved around the world. I didn’t think it would be quite as massive as it has been,” said Holland.

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“One of my favourite things to do at the minute is to go online and watch fans’ reactions to you guys coming in that one scene in particular. I don’t think I could ever have imagined it as being so well received by everyone,” he added. “I mean, I guess I had an idea that people would love this movie, but in no way, shape, or form could I have thought it was going to be as big as it has been, and it’s been… only the last couple weeks, have I sort of really come back to reality and come home and started to face real-world problems, and it feels like we’ve been on some sort of really weird dream. It feels really strange.”

Maguire admitted he was “grateful” for the opportunity. “Really, it was such a rich experience, and as the guys have touched on, the kind of sharing of something and the brotherhood of it. It was just so rich, emotional. I’m not sitting there conceptually thinking about that all the time, but I would have moments where that kind of stuff would hit me. You know, day to day, it was just a beautiful kind of unfolding of this story and these relationships,” he said. “And the way those films and characters evolved in those films are unique, and then to bring all of that together, including all of our supervillains and all of that, it was pretty wild to witness the immensity of all of this history coming together and being put into what Andrew was saying is this standalone, worthwhile story.”

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Garfield agreed, explaining that “the intention” behind having him and Maguire revive their respective Spideys felt “very pure here. It actually feels like a great creative idea and a great creative story. It wasn’t like they were just asking us to come and say hi and then leave again, but actually, have our presence being in service to Tom, being in service to Tom’s journey and where he is as Peter Parker, and I love the destiny feeling of the multiverse expanding in this film, and actually, without Tobey’s Peter and Andrew’s Peter being present for Tom’s Peter at this very moment, he may not become the Peter Parker that he’s supposed to become… Getting three Spider-Men together could go one of two ways, and I think it’s a testament to these guys that it went the way that it went, which was a brotherhood, which is just beautiful.”

So does “No Way Home” mark the end of Holland’s journey as Spider-Man? “The truthful answer, and I’ve done a whole press tour where all I do is lie. The truth is, and you’re not going to like the truth, I don’t know the answer to that question,” Holland insisted.

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“This film for me was as special as an experience could ever be. Sharing the screen with these guys. Playing Spider-Man could be quite an alienating experience because, you know, we’re the only three blokes who have done it. So, to share that with you two, it’s been such a wonderful experience, of which I have such amazing memories. I don’t know, there’s part of me that feels like it’s the perfect time to jump off the building and swing off into the sunset and let the next lucky young kid come in to don the suit, or I might, I don’t know, buy a new house and need a paycheque and I’ll be back,” Holland laughed.

“I don’t know. I don’t know. I know I love this character, and I know that I am not ready to say goodbye,” he added. “But if it’s time for me to say goodbye, then I will do so proudly, knowing that I’ve achieved everything I wanted to with this character, and sharing it with these boys will be forever one of the most special experiences of my career. So, if it’s time, it’s time. If it’s not, it’s not, but at the moment, I don’t know.”