Pauly D has some ideas for what to do with all the “Jersey Shore” footage MTV could never air.

The reality star appeared this week on the new episode of the “Full Send” podcast and talked about his days on the original “Jersey Shore” series, including just how invasive those cameras were.

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Pauly recalled, “There’s somebody working on the set all night…. You can’t really get much sleep.”

The hosts asked if that meant cameras were rolling even during the cast’s more intimate moments in the bedroom.

“We’d bring these girls home or whatever, and then all they can actually film is, like, all right the covers going on us so you know what happens. But they don’t actually film the act,” Pauly said, before correcting himself to say “they do” film it, explaining that “they have that footage somewhere,” but didn’t air it.

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He insisted that the entire cast believe that there are still old tapes of them having sex at the “Jersey Shore” house.

“Those tapes exist,” Paul said. “We always joke about it. We’re like, ‘Yo, where is that footage?'”

He added, “So that’s in a safe somewhere. Those are our sex tapes. There’s a lot of them. I want to sell those some day.”