Adrien Brody revealed to Stephen Colbert the reason his “Succession” character wears so many layers on the show on Wednesday’s  “The Late Show”.

Brody got Colbert’s attention as new character Josh Aaronson, who made his debut in November on the much-loved series.

The host insisted, “I had to write you the next day. It was such a fantastic performance… But the question is, how many layers are you wearing as this character? I counted six layers that you’re wearing there,” showing viewers a photo.

The star shared, “That’s so great. And he wrote me the loveliest note. And I think my dad appreciated Stephen’s note more than my work in ‘Succession’. It was really beautiful, thank you, and kind.”

Regarding the clothing, Brody replied, “At least, at least.”

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He insisted the clothing was a “very conscious choice on my part,” comparing business moguls to approaching things “like a game of chess, they’re way prepared.”

“And those layers represent a preparedness for the elements,” Brody told Colbert.

Brody said, “And we were shooting in the elements at Seaside, the character owned an island. And I figured, he’s prepared. He has hiking boots. They’re in their dress shoes. He wears them down. He’s in a position of power. Checkmate.”

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“The clothes make the man,” Colbert said, as Brody replied: “The clothes make the man. And they make the meme, because a lot of people had a lot of comments about the clothing. Someone sent me something. It was very funny.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Brody had a trick up his sleeve for a surprised Colbert. See more in the clip below.

He also discussed his new movie “Clean”:

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