The queen of rom-coms admits she’s still chasing her dream project.

Kate Hudson dropped by Global’s “The Drew Barrymore Show” to talk dating, living in the limelight and her love of romantic comedies.

As someone who’s also done her fair share of rom-coms, host Drew Barrymore revealed she’s a big fan of the 42-year-old’s work.

“I personally think the best ones are so rooted and grounded but I find that when you get pigeon-holed or people want you in the system to be like, ‘Okay you are going to do this and then you do it,’” Hudson explained. “You are always like, ‘No, no, no it was supposed to be like this, like we wrote it like this.'”

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In fact, the “Fool’s Gold” actress found a lot of projects wanted to play it safe.

“They just want to kind of dumb it down and make it too bright, too perfect and put the bows on it,” she continued. “And honestly, I found that I would always try to push the envelope and they were like, ‘No we are not going to do a rated-R rom-com.'”

Hudson thought it may have been an issue of the gender of the lead actor.

“If you are like a dude you can make a rom-com that is rated-R and people get excited about it and they want to push the envelope,” she added.

In fact, that’s the kind of movie she dreams of making.

“I was always like, ‘We should try doing the same thing as a lot of the male drive. We can make fun of ourselves, we can laugh at ourselves, we can push the envelope a little bit.’ And that’s the rom-com I’m still interested in making,” said Hudson.

The two also talked about dating the Wilson brothers when they were young.

On dating Luke Wilson, Barrymore said: “When we first met we were young and wild.”

Hudson replied, “Oh yeah. I think it was at a bar restaurant. Chez Jay’s in Santa Monica with a Wilson.”

Barrymore added, “With Luke Wilson. And you were doing Alex and Emma together, I think, and I was dating him but I think he was also dating other people. It was an open relationship, we were young.”

Hudson agreed, “I’ve been there with a Wilson too.”

The host continued, “It’s so fun because when you are young it’s low stakes. We are just young, we are having fun. We are just playing, acting, hanging out. You are not taking it all so seriously, and it was fun. We had the best time.”

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While Barrymore is a big fan of the actress, the opposite is also true.

“You have been in the spotlight your whole life and as a little girl looking at actresses, Drew is one of them where you are like, for any young girl my age it was Drew Barrymore,” Hudson recalled. “I remember sitting and like I used to get people saying, ‘Oh you kind of look like Drew Barrymore.’ Which is why I ended up doing you on ‘SNL.’”

“Oh, what a compliment to me,” Barrymore laughed in response.

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