“Ozark” has a fan in Madonna.

This week, Laura Linney appeared on SiriusXM’s “Andy Cohen Live” and is asked about Madonna spoiling a detail about her “Ozark” character before the new season premiered.

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“You know, unfortunately it’s the world we’re in,” the actress said, adding, “You know, I’m just, I’m happy she watches it. How nice.”

Asked whether Madonna has ever come to see any of the plays she’s appeared in on Broadway, Linney said, “I had a meeting with Madonna once. We had coffee and drinks at a hotel that they had shut down just for her, for us to have this little meeting. And she was lovely.

“It was, it was a project that she was thinking about doing, and she wanted to know if I’d be interested in doing it, which I was,” she continued, “and it didn’t work out because of dates and stuff. But I had a really nice time with her. I just remember her sweater.”

“What was it?” Cohen asked.

“It was like a colour blue I had never seen before,” Linney said. “There was a textile that was, I don’t know what planet that came from. Some magical thread planet.”

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Coen also asked whether it flips Linney out to know someone like Madonna watches her in “Ozark”.

“Of course it does,” the actress said. “It’s surreal. It’s still surreal. And you know, I’ve been doing this for a while now and I’m still tickled pink, It’s amazing when your life intersects with these people who you admire, or who have been in your consciousness or a part of your own personal history, whether they know it or not.”

She continued, “I remember when I started to get voice messages from famous people. Just cause I was working with them or they called overnight every once in a while. I would like beep you know, the old fashioned beep, and the message would come up and there’d be a famous voice. ‘Laura. Hi.’ I was like, ‘what is happening to my life, what is happening?'”