Kim D’Eon: ‘Hey Ellen it’s DJ D’Eon! Whaaaat’

There are few things I like more than dancing and there are few TV hosts I love more than Ellen DeGeneres. So, when I was presented the opportunity to meet the man who makes Ellen dance on a daily basis, I was in like Flynn.

I’ve seen Tony Okungbowa spinning jams for Ellen since he started back in 2003. It brings me honest-to-goodness joy to watch her bouncing up those steps to a cheering and dancing crowd. Sure she looks like a nerd (which is awesome), but the lady has serious rhythm! Watching her has helped me be proud of my own dorky dance moves.

In the name of honesty, I will tell you that, yes, I have imagined myself dancing across the set of my own talk show from time to time. So, when I met DJ Tony in Toronto, I had to give it a shot. He agreed to play some tunes and I abandoned any notion of self-consciousness and went for it, “Ellen”;-style.

It was SO. MUCH. FUN!

Tony was at BarChef in Toronto to promote the new mixed-tape CD he created with Montreal-based DJ JoJo Flores. I chatted with them about their DJ skills, how they met and, of course, peppered him with questions about Ellen. After it was all over, they agreed to show me how to spin!

Kim D'Eon DJ For The Day

This was also something I have always wanted to try out. Double dream day!

Just putting those DJ headphones on makes you look the part, but there is real skill involved. The guys were patient and in a matter of minutes, I mixed my first two beats together. I certainly didn’t have the “Midas touch,”; but it was a start.

Kim DJ

Now, if either Tony OR Ellen needs to call in sick, I can cover! Seriously guys, call me.

Watch me DJ on ET Canada Friday night!


Kim D'eon Ellen DJ



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