After getting his career started at Sundance, Kevin Smith is looking back on some of his favourite films from the iconic indie film festival.

This week, the “Clerks” director is on the new episode of the “IMDb Is Obsessed” podcast, talking about four Sundance classics, including his own debut feature, as well as “Blood Simple”, “Little Miss Sunshine” and “Get Out”.

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“Let me tell you something about the Coen brothers,” Smith says while talking about “Blood Simple”, the directing duo’s first film. “They are my favourite! What I always loved about the Coen brothers. The Coen brothers started about as far away from the industry as one could get, both professionally and tonally. In the tone of their work. They didn’t tell stories that the industry likes to tell. The Coen brothers as artists never changed their tone, they did what they do very specifically and they grew as filmmakers. ‘Blood Simple’ right up to ‘The Tragedy of Macbeth’ is definitely Coen brothers career. Instead of them moving toward the industry, the industry moved toward them, and now more things emulate the Coen brothers. You can see their DNA in how stories are told.”

He adds, “Watching ‘Blood Simple’ is like watching a Muppets version of their worth, because you see everybody in their infancy. You see baby Frances McDormand, you hear baby [composer] Carter Burwell.”

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Smith also teases the upcoming “Clerks III”, saying, “What was the most fun for me was the premise of the movie is that Randall has a heart attack and decides that he’s wasted his life watching movies when he should have been making movies. Essentially, the clerks make ‘Clerks’.”