Chrissy Teigen is getting real with her fans.

The Cravings cookbook author showed off what she looks like with and without makeup.

Teigen posted the selfie on Instagram which featured only half of her face with makeup.

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“No-makeup makeup,” Teigen captioned the post.

The mom of two also gave fans insight into her new promise to stylist Alana Vanderaa, saying she told Vanderaa, “I would not wear anything unless I was physically comfortable in it.”

In a collection of pictures, Teigen wore baggy jeans, a white crop top and a brown blazer. But it was all about her shearling sandals.

“This has resulted in the need for shoes that are … not the… do I say this…well they are extremely comfy. If u are following along on this very important journey, I currently have many a Birkenstock and birkenstock-esque shoe en route and I couldn’t be more excited,” Teigen added.

She explained that husband John Legend is less than excited for her Birkenstock collection but she is considering it “revenge” for his recent choices in pants.

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“If you see me in heels, they will no longer be ones that throb the bunion mom so graciously passed down to me and my tingers, toe fingers, will not jam. It’s an exciting time, ladies and gentlemen,” Teigen concluded.

Here’s to a more comfortable 2022!