Paris Hilton and mother Kathy Hilton dropped by “The Drew Barrymore Show”, where they discussed the still-lingering trauma that the “Simple Life” star experienced when she was placed in a boarding school for troubled teens.

Discussing the abuse Hilton alleges to have suffered at the Provo Canyon School in Utah, host Drew Barrymore asked Kathy if she had any advice offer other mothers who have difficult conversations with their daughters, like those she and Paris had. 

“We don’t get a pamphlet. Everybody tries to do the best they can and I am so proud of her and, can you imagine not knowing and her holding that in? All that time,” said Hilton.

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“It’s been a roller coaster emotionally for me and this is not about me, this is all about Paris. Even a week ago, I started crying,” she continued.

“I look at her in a different way. I look at her now and I just see this, yes, she’s beautiful, but inside there’s pain. And it breaks my heart,” she added, as both she and Paris became emotional, hugging each other.

Reflecting on the past, Kathy admitted she never took how much Paris “hated” the school as seriously as she should have.

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“I’d say, ‘Paris, you were naughty, you didn’t listen, I had to get you out of New York and I don’t wanna hear it!’ And then to find this out,” said Kathy. “I will kill for my children. You wanna fool with my kids? Let me tell you…”

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