Taylor Lautner dropped by “The Tonight Show” on Friday, where host Jimmy Fallon wanted to know all the details about his recent engagement to fiancée Tay Dome.

According to Lautner, Dome instructed him to not do “anything special” when he proposed, suggesting he keep it “super simple” by doing it in the kitchen after dinner.

“So I did it in the kitchen, but I did it, like, big in the kitchen,” Lautner explained.

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“I mean, candles, rose petals everywhere,” Fallon interjected.

“I added a thing or two,” admitted Lautner.

Asked if Dome “freaked out,” Lautner confirmed that she did, noting that “she’s not really a crier, but she was weeping so hard she couldn’t even walk.”

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That, he added, became a complication when she “would take two steps and then crumble to the ground,” which forced Lautner to get off the “mark” he had set, “because I wanted the photos and stuff.”

Added Lautner: “I grabbed her hands, I was like, ‘Babe, I have a couple things I need to say to you. Like, you think you can come over here with me?’ We only can do this once.”