The crew of the third hour of NBC’s “Today” has been insulted by “Family Guy” — and they loved it!

On Friday’s show, third-hour co-host Dylan Dreyer cued up a clip from a recent “Family Guy” episode, in which Peter Griffin (Seth MacFarlane) buys wife Lois (Alex Borstein) a “Pedalton” exercise bike for Valentine’s Day. “I thought you’d like it. I saw it on the ‘Today’ show,” Peter tells Lois.

“Second hour with Hoda [Kotb] and Savannah [Guthrie] or third hour with the nonsense people?” Lois asks suspiciously.

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“Second hour,” Peter responds, earning his wife’s seal of approval.

“We made ‘Family Guy’! We made ‘Family Guy’!” exclaimed the third hour’s Al Roker.

“It’s your fault,” co-host Sheinelle Jones told him.

“Thank you. I’m very happy,” Roker replied, adding, “We’re the nonsense people!”

Added Dreyer: “This is, like, the highlight of my career.”

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Craig Melvin closed out the segment by noting, “At least Peter and Lois are watching.” He then threw to a commercial, quipping, “More nonsense after this.”