Bella Hadid is reflecting on her past relationships.

“I constantly went back to men – and also, women – that had abused me and that’s where the people pleasing came in,” said the supermodel while speaking on Victoria’s Secret’s “VS Voices” podcast.

“I started not having boundaries, not only sexually, physically, emotionally, but then it went into my work space. I began to be a people-pleaser with my job,” she continued. 

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The 25-year-old, who previously dated The Weeknd, is currently dating art director Marc Kalman.

“I always felt like my voice was never heard growing up. I grew up around men – whether that was in relationships or family or whatever that was – where I was constantly told that my voice was less important than their voice,” Hadid remembered. 

“Then moving into relationships growing up, and not having the boundaries of being able to stick up for myself and have my voice being heard, affected me in my adult relationships very intensely. My nervous system would crash. It was fight or flight.”

Hadid also explained how taking breaks from social media has helped her to heal.

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“It sounds very cliche, but to not have the energy of everyone else and their projections being projected back onto you is one of the most powerful things of all time,” she added. “It’s a cliché for a reason because it’s a fact that it works.”