Sarah McLachlan’s SPCA ad about the plight of animals is the stuff of legend and countless tears. Now, Ryan Reynolds’ Maximum Effort ad agency is teaming up with checkout tech company Bolt for a new ad. In the spot, McLachlan cheekily pays homage to the original PSA, which raised over $30 million for the animal welfare group.

Unlike the original SPCA ad,  the Bolt ad is “a very unimportant message about online shopping from Sarah McLachlan,” Maximum Effort jokes.

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McLachlan’s new ad is raising awareness for the 70 per cent of online shopping carts that are abandoned in the checkout process. McLachlan explains Bolt’s one-click checkout technology rescues those abandoned carts by making the sales process simple, forgoing the usual assortment of forms required for purchases.

But it’s not all jokes: Bolt has made a $50,000 donation to the ASPCA and has launched, where animal lovers can buy discounted “Rescue Cart“ merchandise, including pet toys and T-shirts. Every item is under a dollar with discount code “ABANDONEDCARTS”. For each item purchased, Bolt will donate $10 to the ASPCA, up to an additional $50,000.

If you need a tear-jerking reminder, check out McLachlan’s original SPCA ad below.