BTS’ Jimin is giving fans an update on his health after undergoing surgery and testing positive for COVID-19.

Fans shared Jimin’s message on Weverse, which were translated to English.

“I’m worried and I’m afraid though I think I will be able to leave the hospital soon,” he wrote in the first update. “I’m recovering well. I also ate all three meals of rice. Please wait a minute, I’ll recover my skills and go!”

A second message read, “Were you worried about it, right? I’m recovering well.”

The group’s label Big Hit Music released a statement on the Weverse app on Jan. 31 sharing his condition, reports E!Online.

The boy band member experienced abdominal pain and a sore throat the day before. He visited a nearby hospital’s emergency room where he was diagnosed with appendicitis and COVID-19.

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Jimin underwent a successful surgery the morning of Jan. 31.

The musician is now receiving care at the hospital while he recovers from the medical procedure.

Big Hit Music reports he still has a sore throat, but that he is making a speedy recovery as he stays in isolation.

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The company assured fans their talent’s health is their top priority and they will support Jimin in his recovery.

Previously Suga, RM, and Jin also tested positive following a return to South Korea from the United States. The three have since recovered from the illness.