Getting hit by a car—again—is quite an experience.

On Tuesday’s “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, local news reporter Tori Yorgey joins the show to talk about going viral after being hit by a car on live television.

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“I was sore for a couple days after, but she didn’t hit super-fast,” Yorgey said. “She hit me really perfectly if you think about it, because she pushed me and I just went into the camera and it fell down.”

DeGeneres noted that during the broadcast, Yorgey had mentioned that it wasn’t her first time being hit by a car, so the reporter explained that when she was in college “a guy rolled a stop and did hit me, but it wasn’t hard.”

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Some who saw the viral video were curious about the delayed reaction from the anchor in the studio, and Yorgey explained that actually he couldn’t see what happened at first and only heard it.

“He’s the kindest person in the whole wide world,” she said, adding that he called her immediately afterward to make sure she was okay.

In order to make sure she doesn’t get hit by yet another car in the future, DeGeneres gifted Yorgey a bright blue jacket covered in flashing lights.