Tegan and Sara are getting excited about their forthcoming “High School” TV series after the show began pre-production in Calgary last week.

The identical twins will act as executive producers on the coming-of-age show, which is based on their 2019 memoir.

“It’s surreal. Beyond words. We are living in a dream,” Tegan told ET Canada. “Casting is happening as we speak, the sets will start getting built any day now. It’s all very cool.”

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She continued, “We feel intense gratitude for our good fortune. To have the opportunity to make a tv show telling the story of ourselves, but also, zooming out, the story of two queer girls from north east Calgary who started a band feels really exciting. We hope we’re making something that will truly stand on its own, and inspire another generation of young people to be themselves.”

Tegan also revealed that the twins who have been cast to play her and her sister “could not be more perfect for the role[s].”

“We can’t wait to reveal them to the world and for everyone to get to know them,” she shared. “There is something so special about them it’s almost like you just have to wait and see. They are the sweetest, most humble lovely humans who ooze charm and talent and we are so excited to see them take these characters to amazing places.”

While Tegan and Sara are known for using Instagram as a way to connect with their legion of fans, the Canadian music stars admit that they’ve been dealing with some social media fatigue as of late.

“It feels flat, and overly curated. It feels promotional and like we have to do it, as opposed to wanting to do it,” noted Tegan. “We were just looking for a different way to connect with people who want to know more about what we are up to, and who we are. Social media has played a massive role in us being able to directly connect with our audience, and we’ll keep doing it, but we’re craving something more meaningful.”

The search led the band to Substack, a platform where they can share their original work and connect directly with fans.

Called “I Think We’re Alone Now”, Tegan and Sara’s Substack will feature new music, audio, email, and text conversations between the sisters. Subscribers will also get a behind-the-scenes look into their writing and filmmaking projects, including special access to the making of their forthcoming album.

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“It is definitely the most expansive look behind the scenes we have ever offered,” said Tegan. “We have documented our tours, the making of our albums, and out time at home pretty extensively throughout our career, but I think this is definitely going to showcase a lot more of our personal lives, the way Sara and I communicate, how we divide and conquer and collaborate to make all the stuff we do, in a way we haven’t before. There has always been a lot of interest in who we are OFF stage, and we are thinking of Substack as a new way to explore sharing more.”

Meanwhile, the duo are also busy preparing for the release of their 10th album, which is due out in the fall.

“Singles start dropping in the spring,” said Tegan. “It’s a big step away from what we have been doing. Still pop, but a return to a more organic, emotional, raw Tegan and Sara sound. It’s our most collaborative record ever. Nearly every song is a collaboration with each other, something we don’t typically do. It’s frenetic and high energy, it will be a blast to play live. We can’t wait to share it.”