SPOILER ALERT: This article contains spoilers for characters in episode 1 of “The Afterparty”.







Dave Franco is a man of many talents and he’s adding “pop star” to his list.

The actor plays the obnoxious pop star Xavier in the AppleTV+ series “The Afterparty” – but unfortunately meets his demise in the first episode.

He’s pushed off a balcony at the high school reunion party.

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In order to honour his legacy, Sony Music released his parody EP R.I.P. Xavier. They say the album “finds the People’s Choice Award nominee experimenting with his signature pop sound on tracks like the R&B-tinged ‘Do Wet’ and lead single ‘Imma Live Forever,’ a solemn reminder of his untapped potential.”

“I was inspired to write this EP and the song ‘Imma Live Forever’ because I’m literally going to live forever… I’m immortal. Sorry to break it to all my haters,” Xavier wrote ironically before his death, reports E!Online.

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Luckily for fans of Xavier, the artist managed to film a music video for the track prior to his death. The video sees the late character dancing on top of caskets and testing fate at a funeral for presumably himself.

Sony Music released the music video on Feb. 1.