Paul Rudd and Seth Rogen take a trip down memory lane in a hilarious new Super Bowl ad for Lay’s potato chips.

In the clip, Rogen chowing down on the snack ahead of his wedding.

“Brings back so many good memories,” Rogen says, taking a chip from Rudd’s bag.

The vid then cuts to Rudd and Rogen, who have starred in numerous movies together, including “The 40-Year-Old Virgin” and “Knocked Up”, snacking on chips while singing along to Shania Twain on a road trip in ’97.

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They also remember the time they were kidnapped by a stalker, and the time they used a bag of Lay’s as a weapon in a turf war.

Plus, Lay’s was also there to help the duo breathe during turbulence on an airplane as Rudd admits he hasn’t seen any of Rogen’s movies.

“Not even the ones we were in together?” the Canadian star asks.

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Rudd and Rogen then carry chips into Rogen’s first house, only to be greeted by a ghost named Janet, Rogen’s bride-to-be.

The ad comes after the duo teased the campaign, with Rogen questioning: “We’re teasing commercials now? That’s a thing?”

“Like a movie trailer,” insists Rudd despite Rogen’s comments about ads already being super-short.