Lottie Moss is in rehab for drug addiction.

The model, who regularly shares explicit content on OnlyFans, made numerous references to seeking treatment in a couple of TikToks this week.

In one video she wrote, “When everyone’s glamorising drooog taking but you’re literally in r3h4b. [sic],” possibly using spelling errors to censor certain words on the social media site.

Moss also referenced the hit show “Euphoria” in the caption.

@lottiemossxI think I took euphoria too literally u guys 😑♬ mount everest sped up – xxtristanxo

Moss, who is the sister of supermodel Kate Moss, wrote in a different clip: “The staff at r3h4b when I go outside for the 10000th time to $mok3. [sic]”

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She mouthed along to “yes I will be having a motherf**king cigarette today. If you’re offended by a f**king cigarette you might as well jump off a cliff now.”

@lottiemossx♬ original sound – hrhcollectionfans

Moss didn’t share any specifics in terms of why she was in rehab or which facility she was in, but did reply to some comments, according to the Daily Mail.

One fan wrote, “Drama queen glad she’s not my daughter,” as the star responded, “Legit like sorry I’m a drug addict.”

Another commented, “In rehab but more focused on making videos? Not putting in the work needed….” as Moss insisted, “Everyone’s recovery is different – have a sense of humour.”

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