David Spade was exposed to a lot of crabs as a host of “Bachelor in Paradise”.

Spade appeared on Wednesday’s episode of “The Ellen DeGeneres Show” and dished on his time guest hosting the reality dating program. The comedian spent a good chunk of the sitdown venting about dealing with crabs.

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“It was fun. I don’t really interact with them much. I just go there and stay at a little house. But the house, forget the show, the house has crabs smothered in it. I don’t know if you’ve been to Mexico,” Spade told DeGeneres. “I don’t really even love crabs, they’re fine, I don’t have a lot of interactions with them in everyday life.”

“First of all, they walk sideways which is unsettling to everyone… They’re not friendly, they’re not fun. They’re red. A gross version of red. They always want to bite and kill you. There are too many… It was too many crabs per square foot in the house. Forget about outside. There were seven in my room at all times,” he asserted. “They’re really just spiders with good PR.”

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Spade also touched on his daughter Harper growing up, tried to sell DeGeneres his house, talked about his new podcast “Fly On The Wall” with Dana Carvey and upcoming Netflix stand-up special.