Stephen Colbert and Jimmy Kimmel were among those mocking Rudy Giuliani’s controversial “Masked Singer” appearance on late-night TV Thursday.

Season 7 of the show has yet to air, but Deadline reported this week that judges Ken Jeong and Robin Thicke were so outraged after Giuliani was unveiled as one of the contestants that they walked off stage.

“A truly shocking revelation, I can’t believe ‘The Masked Singer’ has had seven seasons,” Colbert joked on “The Late Show”. “When did that happen? And how did that happen?”

He added, after suggesting the judges might have fled the stage in “terror,” “I mean, one of the most chilling phrases in the English language is, ‘Surprise, it’s Rudy Giuliani!’”

Colbert then referenced Giuliani’s controversial appearance in “Borat 2”: “Just ask the crew of ‘Borat’. Nobody wants to see him whip out his head.

“Keep in mind it may not be the producers’ fault. It’s possible that Rudy just wandered onto the Fox lot and passed out in a costume.”

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Kimmel also slammed Giuliani’s appearance, responding after the audience groaned about the headline: “Right? That’s what I said.

“The guy who’s trying to destroy our country, he’s singing on a show!

“The only people who should be unmasking Rudy Giuliani is the gang from ‘Scooby-Doo’,” he added. “Let’s find out who the real traitor is.”

Kimmel showed a series of fake unmaskings of O.J. Simpson, Kim Jong-un, Harvey Weinstein, and even COVID-19, which they joked was the least villainous of the bunch.

The host went on, “Why would Rudy even agree to do this? Did he think he was going to the Masked Singer landscaping company?

“Only Rudy Giuliani would try to overthrow the government, break wind loudly in court, sweat hair dye all over one press conference, have another one next to a dildo store and then try to rehabilitate his image by singing ‘Shake Your Groove Thing’ dressed as a pineapple.”

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