It’s all about fitness and wellness for Lindsay Lohan these days.

On Friday, Planet Fitness debuted its new ad, which will air during the Super Bowl on Feb. 13, and features Lohan poking fun at her own scandalous past.

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“What’s gotten into Lindsay?” the ad asks. “She’s sleeping better than ever, which the paparazzi aren’t thrilled about.

“She’s even more productive, trading DUIs for DIYs.”

The ad also features cameos from Dennis Rodman, Danny Trejo, and William Shatner, who remarks, “Maybe it’s not what’s gotten into Lindsay, it’s what Lindsay’s gotten into.”

Speaking to People about the new ad, Lohan said, “Exercise is a big part of my life. It brings a balance that I love.

“Mostly, I am proud to be a part of something that encourages all of us to take time for our health and wellness.”

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Lohan also talked about getting the opportunity to poke fun at her past.

“It was refreshing to put my past to bed once and for all and share with people how I am living my life today,” she said.

In November, Lohan announced her engagement to Bader Shammas. She told People her wedding plans are going “great! It’s an exciting time.”