Things got a little TMI for Seth Rogen on Twitter this week.

On Thursday, the actor reacted hilariously to a tweet from his mom Sandy Rogen about her sex life.

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“You know how when you give blood you get a little badge that says, ‘I gave blood today,’ well there should be one that says ‘I had great sex today.’  Ha ha ha …,” she wrote.

In response, Rogen tweeted, “Burn this app to the ground.”

When another Twitter user responded that people who donate blood don’t get stickers, Sandy corrected him to say, “They do in Canada.”

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The actor hasn’t been shy when it comes to tweeting about sex in the past, in one case prompting a fan to tell the actor not to check her Twitter feed.

In 2017, Sandy tweeted out, “Falling asleep after sex is like shavasana after yoga!” which prompted her son to respond, “Jes*s f**king Chr*st mom.”

His sister Danya also replied, “Seriously. I actually gagged.”