Brie Larson is opening up about how she focused on herself in 2021.

The actress updated her YouTube channel on Feb. 3 with a video titled: “How I’m Prioritizing Myself in 2022”.

In the video, the actress reflected on the five things she learned in the last year.

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“This last year, I took a little bit of a different approach and part of it was because I wasn’t going to go out and I wasn’t going to film anything,” Larson explained.

For her, that meant reexamining the things that inspired her.

“I was staying at home, so with that I had to learn how to reorganized and find what sparked wonder and joy and amusement for myself,” she continued. “Not for a job, not because I thought it was going to mean something later, but just because it was interesting to me.”

The “Captain Marvel” actress found those things to be gardening such as growing carrots and planting avocado trees and relearning the things that worked for her – like getting a minimum of 10 hours of sleep to be energized daily.

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Looking forward, the actress wants to continue her journey of self-improvement.

“I’m a flawed human being as well, but the one thing I would say I feel pretty strongly about myself is that I really do try, and I want to do better,” said Larson. “I want to do more. I want to show up. I want to show up and be the best partner, and daughter, and friend that I can possibly be.”