Sara Haines is standing behind Whoopi Goldberg.

Goldberg, moderator on “The View”, was suspended this week after issuing some controversial comments about the Holocaust.

“Let’s be truthful about it because Holocaust isn’t about race. It’s not about race. It’s not about race. It’s about man’s inhumanity to man,” Goldberg said during Monday’s edition of the show.

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ABC News president Kim Godwin subsequently issued a memo to the show’s staff to let them know that Goldberg had been suspended for two weeks, due to “her wrong and hurtful comments.”

On Friday, Feb. 4, Haines took to Instagram to share a photo of herself and Goldberg, smiling while snapping a selfie.

“This just popped up and warmed my heart,” Haines wrote in the caption. “That’s my Whoops!!!!”