Kevin Bacon has carved out an online niche for himself with his Instagram #GOATsongs, music parodies he creates in order to perform for a barn full of goats.

For his latest, Bacon has unveiled a musical ode to Tom Brady, who officially ended his football career this week after two decades and seven Super Bowl wins.

Set to the tune of Tom Jones’ “She’s a Lady”, Bacon accompanies himself on ukulele.

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“Well he’s done amazing things, he’s got those seven rings, he’s a winner,” Bacon sings. “Still looks good in football pants, and he’s mostly eating plants, when he has dinner.”

Bacon then launches into the chorus. “He’s a Brady, whoa, whoa, whoa, he’s a Brady. Talking about Tom Brady… Tom Brady’s retired.”

Bacon then heads into a second verse. “Yeah I thought he’d go away, when he moved to Tampa Bay, I was mistaken. I will never have those stats, I will never have those lats, I’m just a Bacon,” he sings before reprising the chorus.