Billie Joe Armstrong took to Twitter on the weekend to reveal that his vintage Chevy had been stolen but now he’s got it back.

In an Instagram post he shared on Wednesday, Feb. 9, he revealed that police found the car, thanks to tips from the public.

“FOUND MY CAR!!” the Green Day frontman wrote in the caption.

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“False alarm.. turns out I forgot where I parked it… KIDDING!” he added.

“Truth is the person that stole it left it parked. Joy ride? Maybe.. who knows. We live in desperate times. Thank god It’s all in one piece. No damage. Thank you thank you to everyone that searched for my Chevy. 🙏🙏🙏.. love you all,” he concluded.

On Saturday, Feb. 5, the green Day frontman took to Instagram to share several photos of his beloved 1962 Chevy II, along with the word “STOLEN!” written in huge red letters.

“This car is near and dear to all our hearts and has been in the GD family for over 30 years,” he continued, and reached out to fans to share any insights they may have.

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“Please send any sighting, tips or info to the Costa Mesa police. Incident # 22-002015, 22-002016. Please call 714-754-5280 please re-post, lets all help find this car!!” he added.