Mark Wahlberg is setting the record straight for his “Uncharted” co-star.

In a video on his Instagram feed, the actor directly addressed Tom Holland, showing him exactly what a fitness massage gun is used for.

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Last week, the two sat down for a joint interview, and things got a bit awkward when Holland described how Wahlberg had used the massage gun on him.

“Mark Wahlberg was kind enough to give me a massage gun after I left his house in L.A. and he drove me back to my hotel,” Holland said. “At the time, I was confused as to what kind of massage gun this was, having never seen one before, and I thought it was the type of self-pleasure.”

In another interview with USA Today, Wahlberg reacted to Holland’s confusion over the device’s intended use.

“We were talking about fitness and I was emphasizing recovery and (Holland) was like, ‘Between working out and playing golf, I’m always super sore and tight.’ And I said, ‘Here is this great tool.’ He’d never seen one before. If you’ve ever been to a gym in the U.K., they’re a little bit behind. So (Holland) hadn’t seen anything like it and I don’t know why his mind would go there.”

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In his Instagram video, Wahlberg showed exactly how that gun is meant to be used.

“This is a massage tool for muscle recovery, nothing else,” he said, while standing shirtless. “Muscle recovery.”

Wahlberg’s trainer then took the gun to the back of his shoulder for some post-workout relief.