Tyrese Gibson shared an update with fans on his mother Priscilla Murray, who was in the hospital after contracting pneumonia and COVID-19.

Gibson shared numerous posts on Instagram, first revealing that he was in the middle of filming when he got the “worst phone call” he’s ever received.

The “Fast & Furious” star’s message included, “My mother is in a coma, in ICU, with Pneumonia and she caught COVID they got her so sedated she can’t breathe or even eat on her own……. This has been going on all week I haven’t posted [ I’m doing it this time cause I feel helpless.”

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He also said he needed “the most sincere prayers from you prayer warriors.”

Gibson added: “I’m her Baby Boy I don’t know if I will be able to handle this one.”

The actor then shared a snap of himself on the way to ICU after leaving the film set:

He later shared an emotional video update, revealing how his mom was in an induced coma on a bunch of medication while he sat on the other side of the glass with six masks on.

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Gibson also said he was remaining positive in the clip, insisting: “God is not done with her yet,” while thanking those working with his mom for the past two weeks.

The star then went into the room with his mom, showing how he was telling her how people around the world were praying for her, finishing up by telling fans the prayers were working and she was getting better every day.