Rosey Edeh On Turning Into Barbie For A Night

I’m just gonna say it, I LOVE MY JOB! Not only do I get to criss-cross North America reporting on all things entertainment, I get to work alongside some smart, hard working and talented women.

On May 4, I not only worked with Kim D’Eon, Cheryl Hickey and Angie Smith… I got to play dress up with them! We were each invited to walk in the Toronto Fashion Incubator’s 25th Anniversary Barbie-Inspired Fashion Show. Up and coming designers vie for a $10,000 prize. All they have to do is create a stunning piece that blows the judges away! The culmination of the TFI program is a celeb fashion show and that’s where the ET Canada Dream Team came into the picture!

My designer, Ayla, created an ethereal dress – pale pink, beige and faint purple. Not my usual colour combo, but I had to go with the flow… as it were and trust her vision. I’m glad I did let Ayla do her thing – the dress turned out beautifully.
During rehearsal I’m not at all nervous, but five minutes before show time I’m all dolled up, heels on, dress on and it gets really thrilling! All I’m thinking is “work that train!”

When it’s my turn on the runway, a huge smile comes over my face and I just strut down the catwalk thinking about this young designer who has poured her heart and soul into making this beautiful dress. It’s nice to be a small part of someone else’s dream.

When I get to the top of the runway I take a little extra time to show off the dress. I walk back down the catwalk, disappear into the back and as quickly as it’s begun, it’s over! Talk about a wave of relief… no slips, no fall, no wardrobe malfunction!

Rosey Edeh TFI Blog 2
Photo: George Pimentel

Times like these you just want to do your team proud and I think I did just that!  Backstage I couldn’t see how Cheryl, Angie or Kim did, but judging by the relieved and happy looks on their faces, I know they made it without any hiccups too.

All the celeb models hailing from different TV outlets were high-fiving each other once we were done, no egos in the way that night. It was an unforgettable moment in time.

Ayla didn’t win the grand prize, but she won me over – I’m a huge fan of her work. Keep on keepin’ on!

Watch ET Canada on Friday to catch all the runway action! Plus, see more behind-the-scenes pics here.




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