Justin Bieber and Conor McGregor’s paths crossed in the Bahamas on Monday.

McGregor shared the run-in on Instagram, with pictures of them courtside at a tennis match.

“I bumped into @justinbieber again today. In the Bahamas,” McGregor wrote. “I always randomly see Justin out of nowhere and just chop it up, I love this kid! Two goats on a cliff sideways, just chopping it up, what’s happenin JB my brotha.”

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He added, “I put it up to the sky this keeps happening, it’s something from above that keeps doing this! God bless you my brother, great to see you always. Some serve today!”

McGregor and Bieber recently spent time together last July while drinking whisky at the Beverly Hills Hotel.

The UFC fighter was then spotted at Bieber’s concert alongside his family.

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McGregor also presented Bieber with an award during September’s MTV VMAs.