More Playboy Mansion secrets were exposed during Monday’s instalment of the much-talked about “Secrets of Playboy” documentary.

The latest episode saw one of Hefner’s exes, Sondra Theodore, discuss the alleged drug use at the mansion when she was his girlfriend between 1976 and 1981.

“Hef pretended he wasn’t involved in any hard drug use at the mansion, but that was just a lie,” Theodore insisted, according to toofab.

“There was drugs everywhere,” she went on.

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Theodore shared: “When I was his girlfriend, I was afraid to speak out. I’ve never told anybody any of this before, I was too ashamed for a lot of reasons. But, I was a drug mule for Hef.”

Theodore alleged Hef had “a drawer full of drugs” in his bedroom, with her eventually being given a key to it.

She told the camera, “The first time that Hef sent me as a mule to get the drugs — there were two brothers that came up to the house, one of the brothers sold cocaine, so Hef sent me to his house.

“He said, ‘Here’s the money, get the stuff.’ That was so easy for him, that became the norm. I picked up the stuff, brought it back to him, handed it to him and he locked it up.”

Theodore said of how often she would do runs for Hefner, “Countless. I’d say once a week.”

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She insisted it “was almost an honour” at the time to be given such a task by Hefner.

“It made me feel like I was important to him,” she said, adding: “Here’s a man 30 years older than me and he’s sending a young girl for illegal substances. It was nothing to him. If I got caught, my life would be over.

“It was wrong to take a young girl, so young, and have her do that kind of thing for him. To put a young girl in that position was so dangerous. I didn’t allow myself to know that that was abusive, because I was told it was in the name of love.”

Theodore went on, “If Hef was alive, he would be in jail and wherever he is — and I don’t think it’s a good place — I know he knows that I’m telling the truth and he’s not happy about it. He’s finally been called out. Finally.”

Lisa Loving Barrett, who worked as Hefner’s former executive assistant from 1977-1989, also spoke about some of the alleged drug use at the mansion in the doc.

She explained how she, Theodore and Hefner all had prescriptions for quaaludes, which she called the “leg spreaders,” with them using a desk calendar to keep track of everything.

The latest allegations come after People published a letter signed by hundreds of former Playboy Playmates, Bunnies, ex-girlfriends and employees denouncing the new docuseries.

“We sign our names to support Hugh M. Hefner. From all we know of Hef, he was a person of upstanding character, exceptional kindness, and dedication to free thought,” the open letter stated. “He demonstrated a commitment to living an honest life beyond everything else. Our time within Hugh Hefner’s Playboy and the organization’s subsidiaries remains a period all of us are fond of. I proudly sign this letter in recognition of Hugh Hefner’s character amid unfounded allegations in the A&E show.”