Jennifer Coolidge was just as entertaining in her pre-fame days as she is now as a star.

The 60-year-old “Legally Blonde” star appeared on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” last night and discussed working at a New York restaurant with Sandra Bullock in the ’80s, her “White Lotus” role, and her Super Bowl commercial.

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Coolidge recalled waitressing at the restaurant Canastel’s with Bullock, who “had her act together,” while she “was partying a lot in those years.”

“It was sort of 50/50 whether I made the shift or not,” Coolidge added. But for some reason she “couldn’t get fired.”

“There was this very forgiving maitre d’, Moreno. All of us wanted to be actresses. We all had these little white coats and my coat was always kind of stained,” she said.

“I tried to get Fourth of July off. It was one of those nights you really couldn’t pull a no-show,” because it was “a big night at the restaurant,” Coolidge explained.

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“I went to Roosevelt Hospital and found an ambulance driver and he strapped a patch and a white thing around my head. I called the restaurant and I got Moreno and told him, ‘You’re not gonna believe this but I was at a party last night and someone put a cigarette out in my eye,'” Coolidge laughed as she told the story. Then he said, “That’s too bad” but “you’ll have to come to work anyway.”

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Speaking on “The White Lotus”, Coolidge told the late night host how show writer Mike White was looking for a “crazy lady” and must have been “amused by how strange I was” when he hired her to play Tanya McQuoid.

She mentioned how the “funny and odd performance” that saw her vomit during the boat scene with her mother’s ashes was improvised because of her “terrible seasickness” in real life.

Watch the video, which also features hilarious outtakes from her Super Bowl commercial for Uber Eats.