Joseph Baena, son of Arnold Schwarzenegger, is on a journey to becoming an actor.

The 24-year-old covers the March issue of Men’s Health and discusses building his best body, becoming the strongest version of himself, and working towards his goals in the film industry.

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Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health
Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health

Seemingly following in his father’s footsteps, Baena recalled the day he found out the fitness icon is his dad.

“I remember the day very vividly. I was in the eighth grade. Fifth or sixth period. And I get called out of class to leave. And my mom’s there, and she’s like, ‘We gotta go—everyone is finding out about you and who your father is,'” he told the magazine. “I’m 13. Your body’s transforming; your mind is transforming. And now my life transformed before my eyes.”

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Although Baena has a father who could whip him into shape, he instead referred to a copy of Schwarzenegger’s book, the Encyclopedia of Modern Bodybuilding, to guide his training.

“Even though I could call him any time, I was too proud. I went straight to the book. I wanted to figure it out myself,” he said.

Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health
Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health

Eventually Baena started training with his famous dad, admitting he was “so nervous.”

“I was being observant, trying to see what he was doing and the way he was acting.”

It wasn’t until college that Baena got serious about lifting.

“I was able to acquire a bodybuilding mentality—that I could shape my body however I want. I made insane progress,” he told MH.

As for his current regimen, it is very much influenced by Schwarzenegger.

“One of the big things I learned from Dad was not to have the ten-rep mentality. It’s pushing yourself to the limits and going that extra mile, getting those extra reps and half reps till you’re basically dying,” Baena said.

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The real estate agent-by-day is an aspiring actor who chose not to take his father’s last name since it may open doors for him in Hollywood that he prefers to open himself.

“My dad is old-school; he doesn’t believe in handouts. He believes hard work pays off, and so do I,” Baena shared. “I love the word ‘honour’, and I’m very prideful in the sense that if I use my dad’s contacts or ask him for favours, I wonder what honour is that gonna bring me? When I go to auditions, they don’t know who I am, because we don’t have the same last name.”

Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health
Joseph Baena- Photo: Eric Ray Davidson for Men’s Health

Baena feels accomplished when he books a gig because he can say, “I know it’s all me.” He hopes to be an “award-winning actor” in 10 years who can make his dad proud.

“It took a little bit for me to realize that I don’t have to do what my dad did. I don’t have to get into acting or bodybuilding. I’m very motivated and driven. I’m happy about my relationship with my dad. But I’m more happy that I am finding joy in what I’m doing and that I’m doing exactly what I’ve always dreamed about,” Baena expressed.

“A lot of guys struggle with trying to make their dad proud or trying to get out of their dad’s shadow. But as long as you’re doing what you want to do, then that all comes. Of course, maybe those guys don’t have such nice dads.”