A creepy doll with alleged supernatural powers left the hosts of a British morning show feeling unsettled.

On Tuesday’s edition of ITV’s “This Morning”, hosts Alison Hammond and Holly Willoughby welcomed a man named Matt and his purportedly haunted doll named Annie.

According to the doll’s owner, Annie cries acid tears and can set fires — and, in fact, was discovered burning in a fire.

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“So what happens when she sets herself on fire?” asked Hammond.

“Yeah, I mean the whole fire thing… her clothes are all singed at the moment, she has fresh burn marks,” said the owner.

“Why don’t we just let her burn herself?” Hammond wondered.

“She might hear you,” said Willoughby.

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“She is in a box. She won’t hear me,” Hammond insisted.

However, the doll’s owner warned that if he were to open the Plexiglas enclosure that housed Annie, her vengeful spirit would escape into the TV studio and wreak who knows what kind of havoc by “attaching” to a human or inanimate object.

“We’re gonna leave that box,” Hammond declared.