Joe Rogan is firing back after a video resurfaced in which he’s seen using the N-word nearly two dozen times.

Recording artist India.Arie shared the video on social media last week, a compilation taken from episodes of Rogan’s podcast in which he uses the racist slur no less than 22 times.

Rogan issued an apology for his use of the word, but during Monday’s edition of “The Joe Rogan Experience” he struck a more defiant tone.

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“In a lot of ways, this is a relief,” said Rogan during his discussion with comedian Akaash Singh, via The Hollywood Reporter.

“That video had always been out there,” Rogan said.

“This is a political hit job,” he continued. “They’re taking all this stuff I’ve ever said that’s wrong and smushing it all together. It’s good because it makes me address some stuff that I really wish wasn’t out there.”

Rogan also confronted right-wing criticism of his apology.

“You should apologize if you regret something,” Rogan explained. “I do think you have to be careful not to apologize for nonsense.”

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Rogan, though, is confident his fans have come to know his true character.

“Over time, people will understand you,” Rogan added. “They know you. If you misstep, they know what you’re trying to do — you’re not a vicious person, you’re just trying to be funny.”