There’s a crazy winning spree taking place on “Wheel of Fortune” this week that’s shattering all the records from the show’s four decades on television.

Contestants Lisa Kramer and Mark Baer made history on the game show this week as Kramer took home the $100,000 grand prize in the Bonus Round Monday before Baer did the same the following day.

Then, Wednesday’s episode saw contestant Bree Yokouchi, a schoolteacher from Portland, Oregon, pull the $100,000 grand prize envelope from the Bonus Wheel and correctly solved the puzzle that won her the prize, walking away with total winnings of $121,638 in cash and prizes to become the third contestant in three days to exceed $100,000 in winnings.

“I was just excited to be here this morning,” Yokouchi said in a statement to USA Today. “But to be the third $100,000 winner in a row is just amazing!”

Host Pat Sajak spoke with his daughter, Maggie, to share his thoughts on a third record-breaking day.

“I’m running out of words to describe my reactions,” he said. “Stunned, surprised, it’s all inadequate.”

Sajak’s daughter asked the obvious question: could it happen again?

“You mean four in a row, Maggie?” Sajak replied. “That would be ridiculous. That would be virtually impossible.”

Previously. Sajak insisted this had never happened in the show’s 40-year-plus history.

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Referencing Kramer’s $116,700 win, Sajak said Tuesday: “On yesterday’s show, we gave $100,000 in the Bonus Round.

“I checked the rules. It can happen two days in a row. Nothing says you can’t do that.”

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That is exactly what occurred, with Baer nabbing the $100,000 bonus prize, bringing his total winnings up to a whopping $126,550.

“It’s never happened,” a surprised Sajak told viewers.

“And wouldn’t you know it, I just sold all my confetti stock… There’s always something new around here, isn’t there?”

Sajak then spoke to his daughter Maggie about the incredible moment:

Viewers talked about the historic episode on Twitter. See some of the reaction below.